Below are some of the reviews we've gotten so far. 


Even more reviews!

"It's what everyones walking about" - George Takei

"I would recommend the Willa Walker to any parent who has a child who is ready to take the next step" - The Choosy Mommy

"This has become my go to baby shower and 1st birthday gift." - Sarah

"This is my preferred walker and I highly recommend it." -

“It's a hit with adults and parents alike. What a great product.” - Beth

“My back already feels better.”  - Lee

"Ananda is killing it on the Willa Walker by the way, I've got to make some promo videos for you." - Fasih

“It's like a ChuckIt! for helping a baby learn to walk.” - Gabe

“Great idea. So simple and clever!” - Pat

“You should take this to the "Shark Tank!" It's brilliant!” - Jolynn

“It's a darn good thing we wandered into The Plant in Mill Valley that day and happened to see the Willa Walker in action.” - Margaret

“It's simple and elegant; a beautiful piece of art." - Aaron

“That is genius!” - Anonymous x 50

“Where did you get that?” - Anonymous x 100