BenjiBLOCKS are 100% Upcycled Sustainable Hardwood Blocks made from Teak, Ipe, and other hardwoods finished super-smooth.
Each one is unique and its own little work of art
They encourage creativity, fine motor skills, and spatial recognition. 
Great for self or cooperative play, they’re also a great tool for adult meditative play.
Combined with the Willa Walker, they make the perfect baby shower or 1st birthday present!
Available in sets of 12, 24, or 48 pieces of varying sizes and shapes.

BenjiBLOCKS - 12 Houses - Willa Walker

Regular price $16.00

BenjiBLOCKS - 12 Blocks - Willa Walker

Regular price $16.00

BenjiBLOCKS - 24 Planks

Regular price $29.00

BenjiBLOCKS - 24 houses + 24 blocks - Willa Walker

Regular price $44.00