Whats happening with the Willa Walker?

For those of you who took an early look at the site, gave us a Like on Facebook, or ordered one of the first 30, thank you for “joining the movement.”

We have shipped 30 Willa Walkers as a result of those clicks. Our goal was to get some Willa Walkers into use to get direct feedback before we push it out to a wider audience. Now we’re busy getting ready for a legit product launch. You can pre-order one by clicking here.

So, who are the people behind this AMAZING product, you ask?

We’re five guys who have kids and enjoy being dads.*

  • Gabe is the engineer and father of Poppy, Willa Walker’s beta tester.
  • Ken is Gabe’s big cousin Willa’s father. Willa was the alpha tester. 
  • Ben is the artist-in-residence. When we-launch the site, you’ll see what we mean. 
  • Jake is a doctor. He takes care of people. 
  • Pavi is inexplicable.

We’re busy getting our production capability ready, beefing up WillaWalker.com with video, photos, and text, perfecting our packaging, and collecting feedback from the folks who ordered from the first set to make any necessary refinements to the product itself.

So, it may be quiet for the next few weeks while we prepare for the demand. We may send you a message asking for feedback on the website as we build it out - before any official launch. And when we have our ducks in a row, we hope you’ll proudly share the webpage with your friends and family.

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