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Friends & Family... We Need You!

We are quickly approaching the end of our crowdfunding campaign, only 7 days left! We would love to make it to our goal and we can't do it alone. Thank you for your willingness to help make it a success!

Gabe + the Willa Walker dads


Questions we thought you may have...

Why are you launching this on Indiegogo instead of just selling on our own website?
We want to produce a larger amount of WW but still keep the whole process fair and sustainable. 

What does it meant to "Back This Project"?
It simply means you are willing to contribute money for a specific perk. In the case of our project it means you are essentially pre-ordering a Willa Walker knowing you won't get it right away. 

When will I get my Willa Walker?
The $35 option will ship within a few days of the order. For the "FUTURE" version we'll go to production immediately following this campaign, And will be shipping in late June. 

Will you ever stop bugging us about your Indiegogo campaign?
Only 7 more days! We  will only email you once more the day before our campaign ends. after that we promise we will never bother you again, till we come up with our next world changing invention ;-)