Q:  Should this replace crawling?

A: The WW is not intended to replace crawling. Don’t use it for any more time than you would have spent bent over straining your back. This way you will mimic tried-and-true parental involvement in development.

Q: When is my baby ready for the WW?

A: Your baby is ready for the WW when they demonstrate interest in cruising around while holding your fingers and can grip the rings on their own. This usually occurs sometime after the baby is 7 months old.

Q: How much tension should I have on the WW from above?

A: Once your baby gets a hold of the rings and is ready, give the WW just enough tension to make it barely taut and then play with it according to feel. Over time, your baby will need less and less tension from above. Never yank up on the WW. Never pull up so your child’s feet leave the ground. The WW is not intended to support the full weight of the child.

Q: How do you adjust it?

A: We recommend you start with the rope at the shortest setting to let your baby get the hang of it. Adjustments are made by pulling the knot through the center (large) portion of the propeller shaped holes in the handle and then sliding the rope to the edge of the slot nearest the corresponding ring. For the longest setting, the rope will not pass through either of the propeller shaped holes. Always adjust both ropes to the same length. Here's a video to make it extra clear!

Q: Is it safe?

A: The child’s safety has always been our first priority when designing the WW. For this reason, we have chosen only high quality, traceable, non-toxic, materials for each component of the WW. Much detail and attention has been provided within the Instructions for Use. The Willa Walker meets Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) safety standards. Used as intended, it is both safe and reliable.

Q: Are there risks?

A: Yes. There are risks inherent to learning to walk, including falling, tripping, stumbling, walking into hard objects, etc. For this reason we recommend you use the WW only on soft surfaces and always give your child full attention when using the WW.

Q: Will it help my child walk faster?

A: We doubt it. We have not done any studies and we have no desire for this tool to be used in that way. Let your kid walk when they're ready. Just make getting there less of a pain in your back.

Q: Is it environmentally friendly?

A: The guys behind this thing are super eco-conscious dudes. It is constructed of sustainable wood and cloth. Things are done on small scale and local. The packaging is upcycled. The karma is solid.

Q: Is it a toy?

A: No.

Q: What can I use it for other than helping my baby walk?

A: Nothing. Only use it for the intended purpose and only allow adults to control it.

Q: Can my child use this unsupervised?

A: That’s a terrible idea. Don’t allow your child to use it unsupervised. We can’t believe you even asked that.

Q: Can I text while I use it?

A: Come on, you cannot be serious! Be present: don’t text, compose email, or play trumpet while using it.

Q: What kind of surfaces should I use it on?

A: Keep it soft to be safe. Stay away from stairs, pools, and any other dangerous obstacles.

Q: What if it breaks?

A: First of all our wood worker will get an earful. After that, please send it back and we will repair or replace it at no charge.

Q: Is it fun?

A: So much.